Rujiena tournament 13.-15.2019

MaSu U12 boys started today a new era by joining Baltic Boys Basketball League Tournament in Rujiena Latvia. The first game was against the local Rujiena Sports School team.

The Thriller starts

Being following our boys games the last 4-5 years, our boys have managed to give us virtual heart attacks multiple times and over and over again. I wonder, should we start requesting some sort of tolerance to this business.

Today, Rujiena team started in very good manner. There were couple of new things in the game. Our boys had never not yet been playing or having learned defense movements against ball screens. Rujiena called beautiful plays and our boys kept on wondering ”what hit me”.

WE also had the pleasure to play in this absolutely marvellous new sporting centre. There is so much space after the basket, that our local small school gyms are very pale spaces compared to this giant. Our team was having some difficulties to find even the rim when throwing the ball towards the basket.

The Thriller ends

The last minutes of the basketball game can be extremely emotinal – also today.

This game only was already the worth of all the ”trouble” to join to the BBBL this year. Thanks to excellent team and players of Rujiena, we sure remember this game forever.

THANK YOU BBBL and Rujiena team!